Parental Stress Line Testimonials 

From Parents


“You’re the first person who has really taken the time to talk to me.”


From Volunteers

"One mother told me that I had been very helpful because I didn’t tell her what to do.  She liked being asked instead, ‘how do you feel about’ doing this or that.  The model that we use really works in most situations.  It requires a lot of patience.”

“There’s never any pressure.  A supervisor is always available.  I get a lot of satisfaction from the callers.”​

“The Parental Stress Line makes it really easy to volunteer.  I’m much more apt to take shifts because it’s just so easy to work from home.”

“The communication skills I've learned help me with almost every call…When someone doesn't know you, but calls you for help, they quickly gain trust in you when they feel that you do understand and that you're really listening. These listening skills have helped me with relationships in my personal life."

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