What is the Parental Stress Line?

The Parental Stress Line is a toll-free, confidential helpline for parents who need to discuss issues related to their children.  Trained volunteer counselors answer the Parental Stress Line and offer support, empathy, encouragement, information, referrals, and crisis intervention. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​

Who can call the Parental Stress Line?

Any parent or caregiver raising children 18 and under may call the Parental Stress Line.


Who answers the Parental Stress Line?

Trained volunteer counselors who are both non judgmental and empathetic. 

Is the Parental Stress Line bi-lingual?​

Yes, however, you will need to provide your telephone number so a translator can join the call.

Are conversations private?

Absolutely. You will never be asked to divulge personal information such as name and phone number unless there is an immediate threat of harm.

108 Water St

Watertown, MA


Tel: 617-926-5008

Fax: 617-926-5011


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